The complete chocolate alphabet

These are the chocolates I presented to my dinner guests last night. The tiles were labelled in white chocolate with the letter and the Scrabble score. Appropriate quantities of each letter were laid out in the Scrabble box when we went to play a game after dinner. The guests were suitably impressed.

Apricot & amaretto
Banana chip
Cashew & cranberry
Espresso bean
Indian spices (ambchoor, cumin, coriander, cloves, cardamom, curry powder, turmeric, cayenne)
Keffir lime leaf
Lemon peel
Orange peel
Quark cheesecake
Rum & raisin
Tamarind balls
Umeboshi vinegar
Xocolatl (unsweetened with cinnamon, nutmeg, star anise, chili powder, cayenne)
Yogurt peanut
plus 2 plain squares for the blank tiles.

I am exhausted. Making these took up my spare time (and most conversations) for 3 weeks. I made lots of extras of each filling, so I have chocolates for the next umpteen gift-giving occasions.

I used about 5 pounds of chocolate in total (mostly Schokinag bittersweet, plus a few ounces of Baker’s unsweetened for the xocolatl and 6oz of white for the labelling). I candied my own citrus peel & ginger. I made the cheesecake and rolled the tamarind balls, but bought the shortbread. I made fondant (cream centres) as a vehicle for vanilla, citrus zest, roasted jalapeno and keffir-infused vodka. I mixed the umeboshi vinegar into a paste of sushi rice. The rest of the fillings were simply dipped or mixed into chocolate and spread out as a bar.

I had a hell of a lot of fun doing this project and I learned lots too.  If only my camera had not failed me that night.

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