Logical architecture for a mobile inspection application

This week I’m wrapping up work for Smoke-Free Ontario on their Tobacco Inspection System.  Last fall I researched and wrote their business architecture, privacy impact assessment and threat-risk analysis, and got them approved by three committees.

This winter I worked with the Public Health Unit stakeholders and Ministry of Health Promotion staff, to figure out their requirements for immediate system development.

The system use cases and screen designs have been polished off, and I’ve outlined the architecture of many future possibilities for the system.  The logical data model is undergoing some last-minute review.  My staff-architect colleagues are working on documentation of the .NET architecture for this mobile-computing system, before it goes through those three committees again.

I really appreciated the chance to work with potential users and the developers, to help scope out and design the details of this system.  They are pragmatic people working hard to serve the public.  I was their interface to an architecture-governance system that has gone overboard in its documentation requirements, so my 500 pages certainly weren’t “short and sweet”.  The project manager was good at pushing me to “keep it simple” while I helped the project team clarify their requirements.