How can many architects write one consistent model?

Currently at the Ontario Ministry of Transportation, I’m one of three contractors compiling a very large and detailed business architecture.  We are describing the licencing of drivers, vehicles, and carriers (truck & bus companies), and all the associated training, testing, enforcement and information services.

So, my job is to be a practitioner, of enterprise architecture and business analysis.  The ministry staff architect prepared the metamodel and customized the PowerDesigner software for Business Architecture, before my contract started.

However, it turns out there is more methodology work to do.  With 3 people working on the same models, we had to agree on dozens of conventions, ranging from the structure of business process models to what words get capitalized in our descriptions.  (We use an issue log spreadsheet to track our decisions, but more importantly, we all work in the same big cubicle and talk all the time.)

It’s just been announced that many more people will be joining the project, to analyze the details of ministry services, diagram the workflows and write the business rules.  So, us 3 architects will be harmonizing their contributions into one coherent set of models.  Next week’s challenge is to write the methodology guidance and examples so that they create consistent, high-quality material.  This contract is getting more interesting!