Methodological Mystery

In my consulting career, “methodology” is a big deal. We architects hold expensive training courses based on thick specifications of diagram notations.  There is always room to discuss a more precise rule or a more effective method.  But the purpose is always the same: To describe an organization, so it can be managed and improved. There is little mystery in how we demystify.

The visual arts are not nearly so regulated.  Any rules that did exist in Western art have been thrown out in the twentieth century.  Original approaches are celebrated; every artist can have their own methodology.

It’s not just the techniques that vary, but the purposeArt may be communicative, beautiful, political, spiritual, experiential, or all of the above.  “What is art?” The answer is always ambiguous.

Perhaps I started viewing and creating art because of these intriguing mysteries.   But now that I am starting to apply my methodological skills to these basic questions, maybe I will demystify all the fun out of art.

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