Artist’s environmental guilt

I’m working on an assemblage piece about “My Ever-So-Valuable Empty Jar Collection”.  Its underlying theme is anti-consumerism for the sake of environmental sustainability.

To make this piece, I am cleaning all the product labels & label-glue off my re-used glass jars, which involves sinks full of water, plus inhaling fumes of Goo-Gone.  I’m planning to paint the lids with silver & gold acrylic, so the jars won’t be usable for food storage after this assemblage has been displayed.  And I even bought new Mason jars to store my nuts and grains, so as to free up the re-used jars for this project.

Of course, this irony is nothing in comparison to Olafur Eliasson’s art car I saw at SFMOMA.  They artificially chilled a room to below zero, for five months, to make a point about global warming!