“Motherlode” assemblage

My new assemblage work Motherlode will be exhibited at The Artist Project show on March 3 to 6, 2011, as part of the Toronto School of Art booth.

This piece literally frames modern technology in an old-fashioned perspective.  It introduces themes of consumerism and environmentalism to my work; stay tuned for another assemblage on that topic.

Motherlode consists of things that were rescued from the dump:  my computer’s dead motherboard, a broken picture frame from my neighbour’s garbage, and an off-cut of fibreboard.  I used a rusty can of white latex primer, and some gold paint found at a second-hand store.  The screws had been in my collection of reuseables for years, and the paintbrushes were glommed-up from previous projects.  Only the carpenter’s glue was good-as-new, though it had gone unused for a decade.

Building this was more challenging than expected.  The fibreboard was so dense, my drill was smoking.  The picture frame was not flat on the back, but the glue created little “posts” holding the frame where it doesn’t actually touch the board.  It was fiddly to get the white latex paint into every nook and cranny, but not have it pool & obscure the texture of the crannies and nooks.  The completed work is much heavier than a painting on canvas, and it has delicate bits sticking out on all sides.  But I’m sure I’ll find a way to pack it up and transport it to the show next month!