Ikea armchair, customized

I found a broken-down frame of an Ikea “Poang” armchair, in an alley behind Queen and Spadina streets, Toronto.  There were lots of posters on the telephone poles, so here’s what happened:

Ikea Poang armchair frame, paper & acrylic., 2011

Ikea Poang armchair frame, paper & acrylic., 2011

A photo of this Postered Poang chair has been featured on the IKEA Hackers website.  However I am not sure if the actual chair still exists.

Last week I left the chair next to the giant thimble (a public sculpture) at Spadina & Richmond Streets, just around the corner from the alleyway where I originally found the chair frame.

Postered Poang

Postered Poang

A day later someone tweeted about this artwork still being free for the taking.  I have heard nothing since then, so either someone took it home, or it became victim to a thunderstorm or a trash collector.  As an artist friend always says, “Art is ephemeral.”

2 thoughts on “Ikea armchair, customized

  1. I totally needed a lounge chair for My room. Its perfect! I will be giving it a new home and it should be quite comfortable as I live at queen and Augusta.

    Thanks again. It looks great. Btw. I got a bounce back on the email you provided.

  2. Paul, that’s fabulous that you found the chair! Be careful about leaning back in it – I replaced the back slats with cardboard, not wood.

    So, which day did you pick it up? I’m wondering how long it lasted outside (I put it out on Aug. 16.)

    Thanks also for looking up my blog. I will have to figure out why the email address is not working.

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