Learning Sumi-e

Japanese Yen to Canadian Dollar

Japanese Yen to Canadian Dollar

I need to learn Sumi-e (Japanese brush painting) for next week. At least, learn enough to paint a mountain on a piece of chiyogami paper. This painting will be part of a series about money in various countries.  [Edit: this image shows one of the final paintings.]

This was the first time I’ve had need for the art school’s library. It was a disappointing collection – most of the books were about European and Canadian art, and many were old enough to have politically incorrect titles (“Indian” meant Aboriginal Canadian, and “Man” meant humans.) There was a magazine about Modern Japan… from 1971. I guess the school has no book budget.

So I checked the Toronto Public Library. They have dozens of new & old books about Sumi-e, in many languages, including three technique books that are available at a branch near me.

But best of all, I found Youtube videos about painting a mountain in sumi-e style! Perhaps the Internet has supplanted the books anyway.