Undead electronics, or, Ghost in the machine

I like to make art from electronic waste.  Broken telephones, useless computer parts, “dead” devices.

At the local Community Environment Day, I intercepted bags of digital trash on the way to a dumpster.

Rooting through the latest acquisitions, I pulled out a snapshot camera.  Lens is stuck, zoomed out.  Brute force doesn’t push it back in.  Unexpectedly, the camera turns on!  But only to give an error message.  I own a working camera of the same model, so now I have a spare battery.

There’s a memory card in the camera.  Trepidatiously, I open up photos of some people visiting Toronto Island in March 2012.  Nothing embarassing.  Should I try to track down the nameless owner, or have they already downloaded these photos?  Should I manipulate them into some strange montage?

I glance over to a solar calculator with its faceplate missing.  The display shows “6”.  I press a few keys, and yes, it works.   I like my digital art to be a little interactive – you can spin the fan on my painted video cards.  So maybe this will become an Undead Calculator.

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