Sculpture: Security Architecture

Few are trusted with a key to the mysteries of Internet security.  Open this leather box for a private exhibition of the powers of abstraction:

Security Architecture, 2012: mixed media, 10

Security Architecture, 2012: mixed media, 10″x14″x4″ when open

Security Architecture, one of my Meta-Diagrams, is a three-dimensional interpretation of a typical network encryption diagram.  This one shows that a person uses her computer or phone to connect to a company’s services and information, via the Internet, web server computers, application server computers and database storage.

The abstract end user symbol is embodied as a person with gender, sexuality, ethnicity and electric style.  Her handheld device is made from a camera flash cover, a diskette case, and a remote control’s rubber.

Security firewall software is traditionally illustrated as a brick wall.  (For photography purposes, one of the ceramic walls was removed, and the other tipped horizontally.)

A company’s Web servers are always illustrated with a globe, here painted on a mouse ball.  The servers connect with the Internet, a worldwide network now known as “the cloud”, represented by wires and cotton.  Cloud service vendors use large server racks filled with computers that search, transmit and store data, here represented by a heat sink painted with lights.

The company has application servers with computer programs that do whatever transaction the person requested.  This modern application connects to a 1970s-era database.  The avocado green control terminal is made from a toy’s speaker and a watch face.  The disk array is made from diskettes and parts.