Nuit Blanche: PROTEST

Alana starting the Nuit Blanche PROTEST, Queen's Park Station, 2013

Alana starting the Nuit Blanche PROTEST, Queen’s Park Station, 2013

Last night, for Toronto’s Nuit Blanche, I staged a fun, friendly and fabulous “protest march”.

The You are an Artist sign made a lot of people say “Thank you!”

Most thrilling, I talked to a girl who is writing a novel about Ai Weiwei for her grade 4 class.  So I gave her a sign with a quote from Weiwei.

Toronto’s Stonewall weekend marches inspired my feather boa, and the way I made the signs:  quickly, cheaply, and with lots of glitter & rainbows!

Here are all the signs that I gave away or posted in the gardens along University Avenue:

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