Intersectionality: altered book installation

Book with yellow cover, next to a red milk crate containing other books

Mathematical Logic in Catholic North America

This is one of the Intersectionality works I created in a residency last February.  I had a cold &lonely studio in an isolated winter landscape, which elicited a kind of mid-life crisis (I was 40 years old).

So I drew emotionally-loaded images and text onto the first half of the yellow book, which is a compendium of math conference papers from 1979.  I changed the original title “Mathematical Logic in Latin America” with my dad’s old Dymo tape labeller.  The milk crate and related academic books evoke a grad student’s apartment in the 1980s.  Recently I found a snapshot camera of the same vintage, taking 110 film, so that’s going in the box too!

The book will be exhibited in April 2014 at a conference in Vancouver. Here is a sample page; more are in the Intersectionality exhibit catalogue.

Male Female boxes p116-117, 1000px