Free art ideas

I keep a running list of ideas for artworks.  Here are a few that I’m never going to get around to doing, but maybe you want to:

Geeky crafts:
Circuit boards on barn board
Make a kerosene-style lamp that runs on LEDs
Make a candle-holder out of LEDs
ID-card lanyards with art instead of advertising. Could be beaded necklaces with a clip at the bottom.

Family photo album or scrapbook, faked to represent a completely normal/stereotypical family. Represent a historical period (e.g. 1970s) with its typical clothes, gender roles, Christmas decorations, etc.

Photo album of analog photos of digital cameras
Dada-base (what would a Dadaist think about databases?)
Conduct a scientific experiment using artistic methods
Create art in a Lab Report or scientific journal article style

Statistical study of artists’ methods, colours, sizes and shapes over time