Feb. 24: Diagramming with Rigour and Vigour

Next week I will be leading a workshop about diagramming, at Visual Thinkers Toronto: February 24, 2015, from 7-9pm, at OCADU Lambert Lounge, 1st floor, 100 McCaul St., Toronto. The event is open to anyone interested in visual thinking, free to attend, and wheelchair accessible.

I will show some diagramming notations with the rigour required for designing information technology, such as UML. For this diverse group of professionals, I will explain how the notations help us understand complex situations and communicate precise specifications. We will also contrast these formal notations with the aesthetic principles of graphic design, and seek out the best of both worlds.

Participants will get to try inventing a rigorous diagramming notation, to create a vigorous design that expresses lots of information. Bring your logical and creative talents to ask questions and share ideas with other visual thinkers.

Each Visual Thinkers meeting starts with “Show and Tell”. Anyone can share an image or idea, a toy or tool, for the group to discuss for 5 minutes. (We have a laptop, projector and Internet. Bring your image on a USB stick if required.)