On contract to Toronto Solid Waste

My current contract (until February 2016) is with the City of Toronto.  I am a Project Manager / Data Modeller, building an information architecture of the entire Solid Waste Management Services division.  One of the fun parts is taking my camera to the high-tech facilities where waste is transferred and processed.  Some other things I’m doing with my clients:

  • Building consensus on common terminology, for better communications with Solid Waste customers, contractors, stakeholders and staff;
  • Defining KPIs (key performance indicators) that are statistically valid measures of what’s important to the taxpayer and senior management;
  • Analyzing the existing databases prior to implementing a Business Intelligence reporting system;
  • Organizing a clean-up of a massive shared drive, prior to implementing EDRMS (document management software);
  • Using colourful diagrams to tackle complexity within a 10-year information technology strategy; and
  • Planning and managing the project, and supervising the work of various analysts.