A business function model

This is an example of a Business Function Model that I developed for the City of Toronto’s Solid Waste Management Services division. 

Business Function Model (Solid Waste Management Services)

Business Function Model (Solid Waste Management Services). Copyright City of Toronto 2016, used with permission.

The function model shows what activities happen within the Solid Waste division, including service delivery (such as Curbside Collection) and support functions such as Fleet Management. I consulted many managers and staff to understand what they do, synthesize it into this hierarchy, and confirm that they recognized their own function.

The function model is long-lasting and independent of the organization chart, which might combine functions into various organization units over time. Thus I designed a file folder hierarchy, based on these functions and user consultations, applying the records management practice of function-based file classification.

A function model can also be used to organize workplans, budgets, performance measurement, project portfolios, process improvement, and all aspects of information management. I used this model to plan and scope the development stages of a business intelligence (data reporting) system.

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