Human-centric public policy design

This summer in my Public Policy Design course at OCADU, we used a human-centric design process to develop proposals to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada, for better newcomer settlement programs.

My classmate Salman Abedin and I did qualitative research, including semi-structured interviews of newcomers, and listening to groups of clients of immigrant-service organizations.  Our ethnographic research also included a temporary website called Show Us Your Fridge, to collect photos of the informal noticeboards that represent the home lives of immigrant families.  We used published statistics as a quantitative complement to our empathetic insights.

We found that newcomers want stronger social networks with established Canadians, to learn our language and culture and find jobs.  The “Breaking Bread” service would introduce people with common interests, so they can share a meal and informally help each other.

Our proposal was expressed in a video and the poster below.  I did the photo-shoot (from buying bread to Photoshop editing) and the graphic design (in Adobe Illustrator). 


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