Is it possible to bring order out of chaos?

Until recently, most of my consulting work has been intended to bring order from chaos.  I analyzed the processes and information of large organizations, and applied dozens of modelling techniques to enable automation and integration.

These enterprises are investing to become more orderly and work more systematically.  They want to exert some control over the behaviour of people and machines, so they can deliver their services consistently and operate efficiently.

But we know that human behaviour is unpredictable and doesn’t always follow the rules.  A community or society is an ecosystem: an ever-evolving complex of interrelated organisms that can’t be completely controlled.  This complex social system likely has wicked problems that can’t be simply solved, but can be influenced by a (perhaps surprising) intervention.

An organization within that ecosystem also needs to evolve.  Its mission and goals need to reflect the emerging needs of the community.  The organization needs to work with its clients to design services that they need.  Repeatable procedures and automation are still efficient, but these optimizations need to flex and update as the social system evolves.

And that is why my new business cards read Visualize complex systems.  Strategize for change.  I’m looking for organizations that want to understand their ecosystem, clarify their purpose within it, and change their services to make people’s lives a little better.

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