Scenarios for agriculture in 2050

For the Foresight course of my Master’s degree in Strategic Foresight and Innovation, my group forecasted and dramatized scenarios for Canadian agriculture in the year 2050.  UPDATE:  we won an award!

Our full report describes current food-production trends and how they could play out, depending on how society reacts to climate change.  We detailed the opportunities & challenges for stakeholders, and gave advice to investors in agriculture & ancillary industries.

In June 2018, the Association of Professional Futurists awarded our group the 1st-place Graduate Group Award for these scenarios.

Each team member brought their special talents to this huge project:  Kate Kudelka facilitated our trickiest discussions, Merwad Abdullah‘s graphic design needed no iteration, and Ashley Spiegel took command when producing our “immersive experience” of the paramilitary scenario.

The immersive experience is intended for decision-makers to feel what it would be like to live in a future scenario. The script and photos of the experience are on pages 36-45 of our report.

Our multi-sensory dramatization included participative theatre, video, props, logos, posters, uniforms, and food. I cooked up a special recipe:  a vegan ration bar with drought-hardy ingredients that could all be grown in Canada, on the assumption that food imports would be severely limited.

ration bar and wrapped

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