Experience Design in IT

Info-Tech Research Group has included my advice about design thinking in their “blueprint” advising IT departments how to Use Experience Design to Drive Empathy With the Business.

Info-Tech Research Group advises small & medium sized businesses and governments how their IT practices can be more systematic and strategic. Info-Tech distils experts’ advice into “blueprints” for various functions of an IT department.

Last summer I had a series of meetings with MaryAnn Welke and Michael Blair at Info-Tech’s offices in the weird & wonderful Masonic Temple.  Before we had even finished writing the Experience Design blueprint, they were visiting clients to lead workshops about it.

As in any experience-design initiative, IT departments need to empathize with their customers, both internal and external, through ethnographic research (interviews and observation).  They can create personas to represent their customers’ quirks, and journey maps of what the customer thinks, does & feels throughout a process.  The next phase is more familiar to IT specialists:  generating solution ideas, prototyping, testing and iterating them.

Our achievement was to adapt the design world’s best practices to the complexity and culture of information technology work.  The process we blueprinted can be applied to designing a public service, a service for sale, the customer service supports to a product, or an internal IT service such as customized business software.


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