Alana Boltwood is a Certified Management Consultant based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

As a Strategist and Digital Innovator, Alana can help your organization:
  • Visualize a complex social system, and choose how to intervene for the best outcomes;
  • Build a business model that’s financially and environmentally sustainable; and
  • Set your strategic plan, a road-map to implement it, and the KPIs to measure it.
And as a Service Designer and Business Architect, Alana can:
  • Collaborate with your clients to design services that consistently delight them;
  • Understand your organization within its ecosystem: Who delivers what, to whom?
  • Establish a common language, robust structures and repeatable processes to bring order out of chaos.

In 2018, Alana is completing a Master of Design degree in Strategic Foresight and Innovation.  This intense collaborative work at OCAD University has changed her perspective, and added to her extensive toolkit of frameworks & techniques to grasp the complexity of organizations and how they connect to the surrounding world.

Alana has 25 years of experience leading people & projects across the public sector, largely in information management & technology, starting at Statistics Canada.  Alana’s independent consulting firm is Metimea Inc.  You can connect to her on LinkedIn or through this form: