Make sense of complexity.  Strategize for change.

As a Certified Management Consultant, Alana Boltwood can help your organization:

  • Synthesize knowledge of a complex situation to understand your emerging challenges;
  • Visualize cause-and-effect to choose intervention actions for the best outcomes;
  • Build a business model that is financially, socially and environmentally sustainable; and
  • Set your strategic plan, a road-map to implement it, and the KPIs to measure it.
And as a Service Designer and Business Architect, Alana can:
  • Collaborate with your clients to design services that consistently delight them;
  • Understand your organization within its ecosystem: Who delivers what, to whom?
  • Establish a common language, robust structures and repeatable processes to bring order out of chaos.

Alana has recently completed the requirements for a Master of Design degree in Strategic Foresight and Innovation.  This intense collaborative work at OCAD University has changed her perspective, and added to her extensive toolkit of frameworks & techniques to grasp the complexity of organizations and how they connect to the surrounding world.  For her capstone research project, Alana has built a large system model about poverty in Toronto, and facilitated workshops to prioritize changes in this field.

Alana has 25 years of experience leading people & projects across the public sector, in policy and information management & technology, starting at Statistics Canada.  You can depend upon Alana to…
  • Listen to your stakeholders and discuss the issues realistically;
  • Recognize patterns in complicated situations, and plan ahead for challenges;
  • Develop customized, creative solutions with you;
  • Deliver top-quality work that is on-time, organized, thorough, consistent, precise, and easy to understand; and
  • Serve the public interest, and respect your bottom line.
Alana’s independent consulting firm is Metimea Inc.  She is based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and can work remotely or travel.  You can connect to Alana on LinkedIn or through this form: