Alana Boltwood is a meta-geometer:  she creates artworks about geometry, about mathematics, about electronics.  Her art is also about the shape of our society:  she mashes up politics, cultures and economics from a feminist and queer perspective.

HexaSexual is Alana’s recent political art project.  Visit to learn about six new sexes (their bodies, genitalia and reproduction), and the characters and styles of six new genders. This disruption to the male-female binary is expressed in hexagonal photography, graphic design, painting, sculpture, jewellery, fiction-writing, and social media accounts.

Meta-Diagrams are artworks based on computer systems models or other technical diagrams in Alana’s consulting work.  These paintings and sculptures show the soul of people working on projects that are technical, but anything but dry.

If you are interested in acquiring some artwork, or licensing an image for your publication, please contact Alana.  Prints of her paintings and photographs are also available through