Intersection of Contents

Intersection of Contents, 14″x18″, acrylic & paper on canvas, 2010

Diagrams of intersecting sets are suggested by the stripes of text, taken from the Tables of Contents of two works: Kunen’s mathematical set theory textbook alternating with Ehrenreich’s article about intersectionality.
The multi-coloured background is “skin tissue” alluding to the rainbow of diversity. Each dot in the background symbolizes a person, who may be a member of zero, one or more sets. The pointy ovals block our view of the people in society’s “intersections”.
Kunen, Kenneth. Set Theory: An Introduction to Independence Proofs. North Holland (Elsevier Science Publishers), 1980.
Ehrenreich, Nancy. “Subordination and symbiosis: mechanisms of mutual support between subordinating systems”. UMCK Law Review 71:2 (2003).

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