Mathematical Logic in Catholic North America

Book with yellow cover, next to a red milk crate containing other books

Mathematical Logic in Catholic North America (altered book installation)

Altered book (228 pages altered with marker and watercolour pencil, and Dymo tape on the hard cover) installed in a 13”x13”x11” milk crate with related books and objects.

To respond to the language of mathematics, I altered a book of math conference papers about logic and set theory. This mid-life crisis project was done in February 2013, in residency at Artscape Gibraltar Point, isolated in winter on the Toronto Islands. The unrenovated school building, and the book’s typography, brought back memories of growing up in the 1970s and 1980s in an intellectual family. (My father Paul Boltwood contributed the Dymo tape labels on the cover.) On the book’s pages I have written and drawn my distraught and delighted feelings about math, statistics, information management, class, gender, sexual orientation, conformity, religion, and truth. The milk crate book shelf evokes the graduate student life I never led.

The original book was: Arruda, A.I. et al (eds). Mathematical Logic in Latin America. (Proceedings of the 4th Latin-American Symposium on Mathematical Logic, 1978.) North Holland Publishing, 1980.

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